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Games created by me:
"The Dumbest Sh*t":…
 Hey there everyone!

 I apologize for such a lack of content and possibly simplistic coloring style. A lot of things have been going on lately and I barely informed you guys of it. I'll try to summarize things as much as possible. When I first started on this account many years ago, I had some really easy goals with not much to worry about. I was able to dedicate time to art without anything bothering me.

 As I draw, I gain watchers, new friends, more inspiration for what I want to draw, and even a girlfriend whom I love dearly in the two years we've been dating. Naturally, I want to be close with her, but here's the issue: distance and money. We live far apart and I have no job. We talk daily of course, but I spent quite a long time trying to get some sort of income. For as much as I want a job, I lack enough experience to work.

 Which begs the question: where the hell do I go to get experience if experience is all businesses want? McDonalds, Walmart, Starbucks, and over 50 other places I've applied to have denied me in the 2 years I've been job hunting. At the same time, I wanted to try and figure out what other ways I can do to entertain people. This is where I become a little active with my Youtube channel. Just a little.

 Another thing I want to talk about is Nintendo. Now I could talk on and on about Nintendo and the things they've done that I don't like, but I'll save that after E3 when an if they talk about Paper Mario. Copyright is... sort of like a landmine with Nintendo. You just never know what they'll do until it happens. It's no secret that they take down whatever fan project is out there.

 I bring this up because how they are now has effected my overall willingness to even work on LMRPG. After years of writing and concepts being developed, it only exists in written form. My girlfriend suggested that I actually write it as fan fiction, which may take up quite a long time. I worry about working hard on a project, only for it to be removed, like with so many other fan projects in recent years. The thing that made me the artist I am today is sadly put aside for other things I want to work on.

  Whether or not you like Undertale or FNAF, you must admire how quickly they became popular with people. Toby Fox has done a lot of amazing things with his life and he's VERY close to my age. About a few years ago, before FNAF ever existed, I had this Mother 3 inspired game. I became obsessed with this one idea and I kept coming back to it. After years of developing the concept... I have more confidence in this one idea than even with LMRPG.

 I don't want to talk about this idea until I actually find a way to actually have something of substance to show. I've observed how Toby used Kickstarter, how people spread their games around, and what might work to get me noticed. I want this one project to be done in the way I have envisioned it. Whether or not it's a financial success or if people actually like it, I honestly don't care. Even if people hate it, it won't effect me.

 What matters to me is getting this idea done and done right. I felt nothing from Paper Jam and yet so much from Undertale. Because of the indie games I've played, there is this charm... a passion that has made most AAA games feel soulless. For once, a video game has effected me on a creative level and caused me to be very confident of my artistic abilities. I have not felt this way since the older Paper Mario games, back when I still had them of course.

 Undertale reminded me as to why I'm a gamer and what I actually like about video games. Since it's release, I spent day and night solely on my game. Due to the hardware limitations of my computer, I can only write and draw them. This is where I end up sacrificing quality on art for here and doing art for Deviant art. I'm not leaving no, nothing like that.

 I'm just focused on other ideas I'm passionate about. If time for DA needs to be sacrificed, so be it. Plus, I need to dedicate time just to get a job an have an income. Making a game is not cheap, especially when you need certain programs to make this work. Sure there's Kickstarter, but the biggest problem with that is the promise of a game, rather than a playable demo to let you know a game exists.

 I have another artist helping me out, whereas I'm the lead artist, writer, an composer. Will I share my work? Maybe, but who knows. Anyways my arm hurts from typing so I'll leave you with this:

 Just because you're not seeing art here, that doesn't mean I'm not making something amazing. For however long it takes, I will finish this one idea proudly. If I can get a job, that'll be one heavy weight off my shoulders.

 I'll see you soon. Thanks for all the years of supporting me and my art. Whether you are new or a long time follower, I'm glad I'm not famous. If I was, I might not have the ability to respond to every comment I get.


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 I'm also picking Litten.

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